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Knives & Sharpener

Our smoking dusts can be enhanced with a range of natural flavours

Fish-Filleting Knife

You know that to fillet fish successfully you need to have a really sharp knife, and also the means to keep it sharp every time.

Now with the West Country Knife and Sharpener pack you have the perfect equipment to make a professional job of filletting and slicing your smoked trout or salmon.

  • Certified Sheffield-made and with a lifetime guarantee.
  • The Professional Fish-Filleting Knife has a precision-made six-inch molybdenum stainless steel blade - for best edge retention.
  • The unique fingergrip handle gives firm control when working with wet hands.
  • Dishwasher-safe.
  • The Professional Fish-Filleting Knife - made by craftsmen.

  • Gutting Knife

    With each Filletting Knife is a 2¼-inch Carbon Steel Blade Gutting Knife with a beech handle.

    Our smoking dusts can be enhanced with a range of natural flavours


    Also with your knives is a 'cross steel' knife-sharpener for getting a really sharp edge on your gutting and filleting knives. The MICRO steels of the sharpener rotate at the correct angle, allowing the cutting edge to be sharpened accurately. All that is required is to run the knife four or five times between the steels and your knife should be as sharp as new - every time.

  • Designed by Robert Welsh
  • Made in Sheffield steel for perfect knife-sharpening

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