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Cold Smoked Salmon

The West Country Cold Smoker is not a cooker or a modified barbecue. Beware of some smokers being advertised purporting to be cold smokers. A call to the advertiser to ask if the fish/meat comes out of the smoker hot or cold should suffice.

The West Country Cold Smoker was originally designed to produce deliciously succulent cold smoked trout and salmon as a result of eight years of testing and tasting.

Its unique design keeps the smoke and food compartments separate, thereby ensuring that the fish or meat remains cool, and is properly smoked.

As well as trout and salmon you can cold smoke sea fish such as herring, haddock, cod or whiting, and of course, eels. You can cold-smoke pigeon, pheasant, venison and other game and meats. You can cold smoke cheese such as Cheddar.

Our step-by-step guides tell you how to prepare and cure your fish and dehydrate them in salt,
how to smoke your game and meats, and how to smoke your cheese.

We tell you how to smoke, how long, what temperature, which type of dust, etc. - all in simple,
easy-to-follow terms. Our trout and salmon card even tells you the best way to slice your fish up

Trout and Salmon Magazine   As featured in Trout and Salmon Magazine Feb 2011

The West Country Cold Smoker

* Is robustly constructed of galvanised sheet
* Has stainless steel fish hangers
* Packs away neatly for storage and transportation
* Comes complete with full instructions in our step-by-step guide
* Takes 10 sides of fish up to 21 inches (53cm) in length, or 14 fish of 1.5pounds (700 grams).
* Has a smoke box which gives a long unattended smoke when used with West Country Smoke Dust.
* Made in Britain (Devon, England)

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